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Welcome to Love Hate Japan – a blog that talks about Japan – the good parts as well as the not so good. This blog is written from the perspective of an American living in Tokyo, Japan.

Sometimes Japanese culture is amazing – and Japan deserves the incredible image it has. Other times, Japan is really overrated – and this doesn’t seem to be seen enough by the outer world. This blog tries to bring a more realistic perspective to what Japanese culture is really like. You can love Japan and also hate it – or at least parts of it. Whatever you feel, all are welcome.

The Less Enjoyable Aspects of Japan

It’s honestly strange that so little of the negative side of Japanese life is written about on the internet. From what you read online, Japan seems like some incredibly unique, peaceful and technologically advanced (yet traditional) place that is SO amazing. But – sorry to break it to you – it is not all good. The Love Hate Japan blog will go into the lesser covered topics about Japanese culture, including the lack of trash cans, the trains running late (oh, you didn’t know?), the rude people (bet you didn’t know that either) and Japanese work culture. Just buckle up and get ready.

The Best Things About Japan

Yeah, so of course Japan has amazing things, too – and Love Hate Japan will cover that good stuff, as well. Just look at that sleek shinkansen (bullet train) and those beautiful cherry blossoms (sakura). There are so many kind people and so much convenience here, too. There’s plenty of good that we will talk about, so you don’t have to take anti-depressants after readying this blog.

Who is the Writer of Love Hate Japan?

Well, you know, I was thinking of keeping my identity a secret. But, since I don’t want anyone else taking the credit for my completely average writing skills, I’ll tell you. I’m Jason Brock. I was a pretty well-known singer, but I always loved writing, as well. In fact, I was a professional technical writer for years (before I got on TV).

Why Should I Read Love Hate Japan?

If you want to know what’s real in Japan, Love Hate Japan is the place to find it. This blog is going to do its best to not just be a cookie-cutter duplicate of all the other SEO ranking wannabe websites out there about Japan. This blog will try (I say that, because maybe I’ll just sell out eventually) to keep it real.

Love Hate Japan Social Media

Love Hate Japan doesn’t have any social media yet. BUT, you can follow Love Hate writer and creator, Jason Brock, on twitter, facebook and instagram.

Love Hate Japan